RedHotKeto Trip to a Local Keto Bakery!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Imagine taking a walk in the morning and getting a coffee and a pastry, and not having to worry about the carb count. Need a keto ingredient for dinner and Amazon can't deliver in time? Maybe you don't feel like cooking at all and want to go buy a keto pot pie for dinner. What used to exist only in fantasy is now a reality through local keto stores!

I'd heard about a local shop that stocks keto products and yummy treats in the next community over. So, on a Friday morning we decided to check it out with our morning coffee.

It's one thing to scroll through Amazon and click a link, but another to pick up a bottle, hold it in your hand and see the ingredients and nutrition info. There were definitely a lot of products to look at. Shelves stocked with BBQ sauces, chocolate and caramel sauces, flours and items to bake with, savory snacks, and more..

I'd never seen so many keto items in one place. It's a great place to shop for gluten-free, diabetic and similar dietary lifestyles as well. However, we were there for the low carb treats! There were so many, it was hard to choose!

We decided to go with the maple tarts and the "sex in a pan." We grabbed a couple of forks and dug in. It's rare that we have sweets for breakfast, but it went perfectly with our morning coffee.

The sex in a pan was up first and if someone had told me it wasn't keto, I would have believed them, it was so good. It seemed to be a chocolate cookie base layer with a fluffy whipped cream cheese layer, more cookie, and a final topping of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. We split it in two and the size was still quite large for us to eat in one helping.

The tarts were essentially a maple butter tart. We saved them for dessert that night and it was so satisfying after dinner. My wife found it a little to sweet for her liking, having preferred the sex in a pan, So, I ate mine, and half of hers. There was a real, natural maple taste and the filling was rich and creamy.

I did notice some pizza rolls in the display case and I may have to go for something savoury next time, but it will be a tough choice. I find it really relaxing to just take a walk in the morning and stop and get a coffee and a bite to eat. Being keto, the latter is quite hard to do unless I want to go to a restaurant and have a full breakfast. It's nice to walk into a store again, look at the treats in the display case and say, "I'll have that one."

If there are smaller stores in your area that sell keto-specific products, seek them out and support them. Maybe we'll see more pop up in the future if we frequent the existing keto shops now, And, if you happen to live in Nova Scotia and can take a trip to "Locally Baked" in Sackville, we highly recommend the sex in a pan!

What's your favorite keto treat? If there's a keto bakery in your area that we should visit (once it's safe to do so), let us know in the comments below.


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