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A Keto Version Of Your Favorite Chinese Take-Out

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Almost everyone can agree that Chinese food is amazing. We all have our favorite go-to Chinese take away but when following the ketogenic lifestyle, a lot of Chinese dishes are off limits. Luckily, with a few tweaks, we can make our favorites at home, including Mongolian Beef.

Much of the Chinese food that has been made to suit western tastes are full of sugary sauces to cater to the western palate. If you are going out for a meal while following the ketogenic lifestyle, I would not discount Chinese restaurants though. Many of the more authentic dishes are simply meats and vegetables and you can discover new vegetables and methods of preparation you may not be used to. Depending on the region that the restaurant owners are from, you may find amazing dishes of braised meats in soy sauce, steamed fish, or dishes packed with chilis and Szechuan peppercorns. If you’re adventurous enough, visit your local Asian grocery for some ingredients and try some recipes at home.

When ordering Mongolian beef take-out, it will be sliced beef, but here we have substituted ground beef to up the fat content and make things a little simpler. We also like our dishes spicy, but you can adjust the chili amounts to your taste.

If you like making dishes such as this, or our Hong Shou Rou, a nice carbon steel wok is a great investment. They can be found fairly cheap from your local Asian grocery, and once seasoned properly, are very non-stick and will provide you with years of service.

Keto Mongolian Beef Recipe

Before starting to cook, we want to prep the sauce since once things start cooking, the process goes fairly quick. This will also give the xanthan gum time to thicken the sauce. Mix the soy sauce and beef stock in a bowl and dust the xanthan gum into the liquid while whisking vigorously. Be careful not to add the xanthan gum too quickly or it will clump. Whisk the liquid for a minute to dissolve the xanthan gum and set aside.

Next, brown the ground beef at a high heat to get it nice and dark while still keeping it juicy. This is where a wok excels over a non-stick frying pan since a wok can handle much higher heat. Once the meat is browned and mostly cooked though, drain the excess fat from the pan.

Add the chopped dried chilies, garlic, and ginger and stir fry for about 60 seconds over medium-high heat.

Add the soy sauce and beef stock mixture as well as the Lakanto sweetener and continue to stir fry over medium high heat until the sauce is fully combined with the ground beef, around 90 seconds. If using a high heat for you pan or wok, the evaporation of the of the sauce as well as the xanthan gum, will have the meat nicely coated in a glaze.

We like to serve this on lettuce leaves, and it is also great served over shredded cabbage. If you want a zero carb condiment with a spicy kick, Huy Fong Chili garlic sauce is perfect and one of my favorite condiments.



  1. Combine soy sauce and beef broth in a bowl. Dust in xanthan gum while whisking vigorously. Whish the liquid for a minute to dissolve the xanthan gum and set aside.

  2. Brown ground beef over medium high heat then drain fat from pan.

  3. Add ginger, garlic and chopped chilies to ground beef and stir fry for 60 seconds.

  4. Add the sauce and sweetener to the pan and continue stir frying over medium-high heat for 90 seconds or until sauce is glazed over the meat.

NUTRITION INFO per serving (makes 3 servings)

395 calories

25.5g fat

9.7g carbs

8g sugar alcohols

1.7g net carbs

40.2g protein

If you've made this recipe, comment below or tag us on Instagram @redhotketo, we'd love to hear about it. If there's any recipes you'd like to see in the future, hit us up in the comment section below!


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